To the Editor

It’s real.

We have all been very fortunate. Being a somewhat sparsely populated area of Indiana, the virus has been slower to invade our precious neighborhoods.

For most of us the good fortune has lasted about 10 months but recently it has begun to feel the fire is closing in. Schools around us have sent groups of exposed students home to quarantine or more seriously they’ve gone virtual. Few of us can say we don’t know of anyone that has been infected or affected. Just recently it was announced in the ten months (10) of covid that twenty five percent (25%) of all infections have occurred in just the last month. The fire is getting closer.

I’m sure virus fatigue is a factor but I am not yet tired of life. We may have been told covid would be gone by now and I wish it were so, but the science does not yet agree. It is apparent positions promoted and stressed by our Board of Health are the best firewalls available to us at the present time. I thank the Board for their persistent reminders to follow principles of science and that should be simple enough for sac of us to nobly protect our fellow citizens, our mothers, our fathers and grandparents. Best I can tell these simple principles and actions promoted by our Board of Health are the same as those promoted by Governor Holcomb and the good Dr. Box. I was impressed by one individual. I spoke with regarding his mask; he did express how guilty he’d feel if he were to cause his grandmother to become infected or worse. Another told me if I’m sick I just won’t come around you…can you spell asymptomatic?

The fire fighters are coming, these fire fighters will be wearing a mask and face shield and will have a syringe in hand. That will be the next level of science to the rescue. For now I will follow the best science available now.

I look forward to celebrating the 4th of July!

Stephen E. Pithoud


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