The town of Williamsport has a new postmaster.

Alex Walters, a long time post office employee and father of two has recently obtained the position of Post Master at the Williamsport post office and is eager to serve the community to the best of his ability.

“I’m here to serve the customers as best as I can with anything I can do,” said Walters.

Walters has been involved with the post office since he first began his career as a city carrier in Lebanon in 2012.

“I started off as a city carrier in Lebanon and then I transferred to Lafayette. I became a supervisor in 2014 in Lafayette and from there I just kind of worked my way through.”

Walters went on to say that he believes his strong leadership qualities are what led him to be successful in his endeavors at the post office.

“I was the captain of my high school football team and we did a lot of community work. So, I’ve always been big on being a leader and leading a group of people to achieve a goal,” he said.

“I maintain the operations here as far as the customer service side and the financial side. I take care of the building, pay the bills and make sure we have all of the supplies needed for the customers. I pretty much just serve the community to the best of my ability.”

Obtaining the position of Post Master has been a long time goal of Walters and that goal was finally met on Aug. 29 of this year. Walters credits his family to much of his success.

“I’m getting married next month and am a father of two little ones, Adalyn and Madison,” he said. “My fiancé, Taylor, threw me a surprise party to celebrate after I got the job. She knew how big of a goal this was for me to finally accomplish in my career.”

Walters is eager to get to know the community better and is ready to serve the customers needs the best that he can.

“If anyone needs anything they know where I’m at and they know the number to call. I’m excited to be here and learn about the town and the people who live here.”