The Veedersburg Town Council met at 6 p.m. June 9.

All board members were present.

Ken Smith called the meeting to order and asked to accept the minutes of the previous meeting.

Troy Finley made a motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting and Mark Rusk 2nd with unanimous approval.

The Fund Report, Appropriation Report, Payroll Check Register and Claims were emailed to the council prior to the meeting. These documents have been reviewed and approved by the board.

Ken Smith said Rebecca Beliles contacted him regarding her property in town. She said she would like to convey it to the town if she cannot find a buyer. Troy Finley made a motion to not acquire the property and Mark Rusk 2nd with unanimous approval; Ken Smith will check with a potential buyer to see if they are still interested in purchasing the property.

Jesse Scott – Town Manager

Distributed the Town Manager Report


• Replacing water service to 211 Newlin St.

• Grading ditch at West end.

• Mowed and trimmed back S Maple, Walnut, 7th St, Grant St., and guardrail at SR136 & 41.

• Layout, Locates, and saw cutting for Kennedy loop project.


• Repaired settled sewer at11th and Maple.

• Repaired broken pipe in Main St. lift station.

• Root cutter retrieval behind flower shop.

• Repaired sanitary manhole at 11th and Maple.


• Poles being set for Downtown looping project work is ongoing.

• Service hookup at 619 E 2nd St.

• Banners installed on light poles.

Sign Project

• Construction is ongoing may complete project this week.

Pool, Park, Trail

• Stage is painted at park.

• Layout and locating for camera conduit and wire to S pavilion.

• Log jam on Big 4 Trail bridge can we proceed with Clayton Morgan Logging $5200.00 to clear out and haul away


• Town Manager:

o CCMG 2020-1 Completion date.

o Continue filling ditch running N & S behind Blue building.

- 120’ of 24” dual wall corrugated HDPE $2400.

Log jam – recommended to present to Veedersburg Redevelopment Commission for payment.

Community Crossings Grant Round 1 – council unanimously agrees to choose a completion date in 2021

Mark Rusk said that Bob Barker mentioned to him that the guard rails in town need to be painted – Mr. Scott will check into it. Mr. Rusk also stated the Bricks Café is not reopening.

Summer help – Asked Mrs. Allen if we can afford another summer laborer and she said yes; Mark Rusk made a motion to hire another summer laborer and Troy Finley 2nd with unanimous approval.

Troy Finley asked if Mr. Scott got a quote for blacktopping at municipal building – Mr. Scott is waiting to hear from Hesler Paving.

Mark Rusk made a motion to install 120’ of 24” dual wall corrugated HDPE for $2,400 and Troy Finley 2nd with unanimous approval.

Ed Wurtsbaugh – Town Marshal

• Company in Greencastle outfitting police truck will be available in 2 weeks

• Matt will be installing running boards on police truck

• Tires on Durango and Charger getting repaired

• Officer Randles will be using the police bicycle to patrol the trail

Charlotte Tucker – resident

Complaint about more cars and chemicals in yard on the property at 400 Dewey St and he is selling items from his home; and

Ed Wurtsbaugh (town marshal) stated an ordinance violation was served to property owner the day after the last council meeting.

Council said the town attorney will be contacted to see what can be done.

David Leek – resident

• Asked about junk on a property on Jackson St.

• Said owner at Marathon would like to be annexed into town and/or hooked up to town wastewater

• Asked about mowing on 41 – Town is not allowed to mow, only the INDOT can mow.

Kristin Allen presented the bills to be authorized and signed; and

• CARES Act Agreement to receive funding from the state to cover COVID-19 expenses. Troy Finley made a motion to have Ken Smith sign the agreement as Town Council President and Mark Rusk 2nd with unanimous approval.

• RahmTech is looking to change the town’s IT contract – Council would like more details on what the new contract will include – Mrs. Allen will follow-up.

• Have had companies call the office asking about soliciting in town – Stu Weliever (town attorney) said we need an ordinance regarding solicitation in town. Mike Booe made a motion for Mr. Weliever to prepare a solicitation ordinance and Tom Harrison 2nd with unanimous approval.

• New town website is live.

Ken Smith said David Singleton is interested in purchasing a piece of property in town. Mike Booe will follow-up to get pricing. Mr. Smith also presented a quote from Kevin Minick for work at 211 N. Newlin St. and will also be getting a quote from Todd Keeling. Mrs. Allen will contact Rainbow International to get an estimate for cleaning.

Further, should there be other national or state directives released, the Town will follow the directives contained in the governmental documents.

Docket Signed.