The Southeast Fountain School Corporation issued a public statement regarding “misdirected message” sent by Superintendent Dan Foster and his subsequent resignation.

The statement reads “On August 13, 2020, the School Board at Southeast Fountain School Corporation (SEFSC) received information that members of administration received an inappropriate text from Superintendent Dan Foster. Upon receiving that complaint, the School Board immediately started an investigation.

“Dan Foster has submitted a resignation letter from his position as Superintendent of the Southeast Fountain School Corporation in accordance with a negotiated agreement and the School Board will accept his resignation. This action primarily results from an explicitly suggestive text message Foster recently wrote that was intended for Foster’s wife but he inadvertently sent the message to two administrators in the school corporation. Foster has apologized to the recipients of the misdirected message as well as his family and School Board.

“No one has suggested Foster has had similar communications with anyone else in the past, and the Board requested access to his personal cell phone to verify that fact and Foster doesn’t object to that request. Foster recognizes it is the School Board’s role to decide upon the appropriate discipline.

“Mr. Foster is personally and professionally embarrassed by his careless mistake. He has enjoyed working in this school corporation and hopes to be able to continue working in the field of public education. The Board appreciates Mr. Foster’s service to the school corporation as the Board continues to prioritize the health, safety and best interests of its students.

“Foster’s resignation will be formally considered at a specially scheduled School Board meeting. In light of confidentiality issues involved in personnel matters, the School Corporation will not be able to further comment on these matters. SEFSC recognizes that there will be substantial speculation out in the public arena regarding these matters, and SEFSC requests that the privacy and confidentiality of all individuals be respected.”

Dawn Puckett is interim superintendent as the board searches for Foster’s replacement.