Some Seeger High school seniors took time this past week to help out with some projects in Warren County.

Rhylee Garcia, Grace Pearson, and Hannah Shideler repainted the restrooms at the Fairgrounds and started the Patriot Art Trail project.

Lizzy Beckett, a junior at Seeger, designed the Patriot, and the three seniors painted it. The goal is to create between 15-20 of these Patriots throughout the county. Each Patriot would have accessories added to reflect the area where the Patriot is located. This Patriot at the fairgrounds had a pig, chicken, and rabbit to accompany it.

“We are looking for locations to add these Seeger Patriots, so if you have an idea for us, please email the Foundation at or call 765-764-1501,” said Michele Stucky, director of the Community Foundation.

Another group of students worked on trail development. Seniors Jameson Sprague, Jesse Wolber, Libby Smith, and Thomas Odle joined Commissioner Brian Jordan and LEDO Director Ben DIspennett to work on a new property that will be named a county park in the coming months. This crew blazed 1,000 meters of new trail in one really hard day of work!

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