The Williamsport Park Board has been working on their 5-year park plan. They have submitted the first part to the DNR for review, but the second part which is due in April has additional components. Last year residents had the opportunity to fill out a survey pertaining to the new swimming pool. That information was very helpful to the park board and the pool committee. In early 2023 there will be two opportunities for Williamsport residents and other residents who use the Williamsport parks to let their voices be heard, according to information from the board.

First there will be a public meeting Jan. 25 at 6:30 at the Learning Center. There will be opportunities for giving feedback on the priorities of the parks over the next five years. Then in early February, there will be a public survey that residents can take as well. Mark the calendar to attend the meeting if you want to have input for the 5-year park plan.

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