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Picture are Covington Community Foundation Board Members: Raquel Stultz, Bob Wright, Kevin Martin, Megan Ellmore, Taylor Powell, Ryan Sowers, Covington School Board Members: Jason Beck, Doug Hunter, Chad Herzog, Kevin Cates, Ryan Tolley and Community Foundation CEO: Dale White.

The Covington Community Foundation is pleased to announce that it has awarded a $50,000 grant to the Covington School Corporation, according to a news release. The purpose of the grant is to award $10,000 each to the Covington Elementary School, Covington Middle School, Covington High School and $20,000 to the Covington Athletic Department.

Dale White, CEO of the Covington Community Foundation states, “The Board of Directors of the Foundation appreciates the tireless efforts of the Leadership Team of the School Corporation. We appreciate your perseverance thru some very difficult times in our county and throughout the world as we move through this next phase of the covid health pandemic. Our goal is to get needed resources into the hands of the highly regarded building administrators and the athletic department. We trust their judgment on how best to use the monies to serve the children whose lives they are entrusted with every day. It’s our privilege on behalf of the Covington community to award this grant.”

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