INDIANA STATEHOUSE (Nov. 23, 2021) – Students in grades 8-12 can now access free tutoring programs through a new state partnership with, according to State Reps. Sharon Negele (R-Attica) and Alan Morrison (R-Brazil), according to information provided.

The online resource provides help with SAT preparation, math courses and Advanced Placement classes. According to Negele, was launched by the same person who founded Khan Academy, a non-profit organization working to provide free education opportunities around the world, in response to learning disruptions caused by COVID-19. Tutors are vetted, trained and monitored. Negele said as students temporarily learned from home or had extended absences, they lost critical learning.

“Young Hoosiers looking for help to catch up or get ahead in their studies can use this free resource,” Negele said. “Tutors are available to provide valuable assistance in a variety of subjects including math and science, and can help students better understand the coursework they are struggling with.”

Students can connect with live, small-group tutoring through Zoom at no cost, with sessions focused on SAT reading, writing and math, including pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus and statistics. According to Morrison, support is also available for AP courses, including AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Physics and AP Computer Science. Visit to get help today.

“Students and their parents need to know additional academic support is available at no cost,” Morrison said. “We all want to see our children succeed and not experience potential long-term setbacks in their education.”

Morrison said juniors and seniors can also access free SAT practice resources through Khan Academy and the College Board. These programs provide thousands of sample questions, instant feedback, video lessons and full-length practice tests. To get started, visit or

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