Fountain & Warren County Health Depart

The Fountain & Warren County Health Department has given around 5,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine since late January, according to information from the health department.

Health officer, Dr. Sean Sharma, said in a news release, “The process has gone impressively well thanks to community support, the dedication of our staff, local part time help, and tremendous volunteer support.

“We know that the vaccine is safe, highly effective, and free. Our goal is to vaccinate as many eligible individuals in Fountain and Warren counties as possible by the end of March,“ Sharma said. The health department has been following state guidelines for vaccine eligibility. These criteria are updated frequently and can be found by clicking “Register for Vaccine” at the health department’s website, or by going to

Kelly Thornburg, the Emergency Preparedness coordinator for the department, said, “Safety is our top priority followed closely by efficiency.” Thornburg said appointments remain available starting in mid-March.

She invites the public to contact the department directly if they need help getting signed up for a vaccine appointment for themselves or their family member.

“We realize it can be challenging to know where to go and whom to trust. We hope that we can be a local source of trusted, reliable information, and a comfortable and safe place to get vaccinated.”

The Fountain & Warren County Health Department’s COVID-19 Vaccine clinics are being conducted at the Senior Center in Williamsport, which is on the 4-H Fairgrounds. Clinic days are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday of each week in March. In April, the dates and locations of these clinics may change. Vaccinations are by appointment only.

Local public health nurses Laci Frodge and Melissa Dismore have each given hundreds of COVID-19 shots. “It has been great to feel like we are doing our part to help the community through this pandemic. The vaccine clinics can be long, but it’s nice to have so many people excited to get vaccinated,” Frodge said.

Dismore encouraged interested and eligible residents to call the department to get registered for a vaccine. “Just give us a call! It is easy to get signed up. We know the state will be opening eligibility to high-risk folks and those 55 and up in March. We are already making a list of names in order to get people signed up as soon as the state makes any changes.”

A priority list of high-risk conditions from the Indiana Department of Health includes active dialysis patients, active cancer patients undergoing treatment, organ transplant recipients and sickle cell disease and Down’s Syndrome patients.

The health department can be reached at (765) 762-3035, on their website at, or by email at

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