Warren and Fountain counties

With what he says is a significant increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases in the past few days, Dr. Sean P. Sharma is again asking people to follow specific guidelines.

“In the last week both Fountain and Warren counties have seen a significant increase in confirmed cases of COVID-19,” Sharma said in information provided. Sharma is the health officer for the Foutain & Warren County Health Department.

“As of Oct. 7, 2020, we have seen the following increase:

“Fountain County has seen an increase of 30 cases over three days. This compares to 130 cases over the first 180 days of the pandemic.

“Warren County has seen an increase of 5 cases over three days, compared to 40

cases over the first 180 days of the pandemic,” he said.

“The Fountain & Warren County Health Department has noted a significant increase in test requests, and tests performed in our department. Many schools have seen numbers of quarantined students and staff members increase dramatically. These cases have occurred in a variety of ages and with some residents being severely ill requiring hospitalization and intensive care, and some being completely asymptomatic. This increase in case numbers very concerning. If we are to be successful with making it through the pandemic, we must work together.

“When we come together as a community, we will be able to: support local businesses and employers, respect our healthcare system and workers, protect those most vulnerable to the disease,” he said.

“COVID-19 is dangerous, and deadly, but it is NOT complicated,” Sharma said. “Simple actions, taken by each of us as individuals and families, are the keys to success. PLEASE follow the following rules and help keep our community safe.

“MASKING – Wear a mask, especially if you are inside a public space.

“AVOID CROWDS – Avoid crowded places, particularly if you are high risk for COVID-19, or if you want to prevent the spread your high risk friends and family.

“AVOID RECREATIONAL, HIGH RISK TRAVEL – Limit travel to Fountain & Warren County except for necessary or emergency travel. For tips on safe recreational travel go to FWHealth.org.

“KEEP YOUR DISTANCE – If you must go into an indoor public space, try to remain 6 feet away from others.

“STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK – Even if you are only mildly ill, please do your part.

“WASH or SANITIZE – Keep your hands well and frequently cleaned.

“Please – get tested if you are sick or have concerns about having COVID-19.

“Please – follow your recommended isolation or quarantine recommendations if these are given to you.

“For further information about COVID-19, or local resources, go to FWHealth.org, or call (765) 762-3035.”