On Thursday January 21st 2021, the Hot Dog Station opened its doors and began serving food in downtown Williamsport near the falls. Hot dogs and ice cream are the main offerings. Other items will include tamales, nachos, shakes. The location is 15 N Monroe, Williamsport IN and will be open Monday – Saturday. Warren County native Eric Jackowick is the owner and is excited to see this day finally happen. The Warren County Local Economic Development Organization (LEDO) had a chance to speak with Eric and hear about the business:

LEDO: How have the first few weeks gone for you?

Eric: “We had an unexpected massive turnout on our opening week. We sold out our entire stock in less than two days and could not open on Saturday the 23rd. We apologize for the inconvenience and want to thank everyone for their interest and support while we get underway! Overall, Hot Dog Station is off to a great start. We will continue to learn and better understand the needs of the community.”

LEDO: What made you decide to open the Hot Dog Station?

Eric: “My family settled in neighboring Marshfield back in 1969, my family still has a presence there. I spent the majority of my childhood here in Warren County, attending Seeger. I often visited Williamsport and I just always had this idea of an ice cream shop that overlooked the waterfall.”

LEDO: How long has this project been in the works?

Eric: “When this building went on the market in 2005, I immediately purchased it and got to work restoring it myself. Since the initial push to salvage the structure, I have been working on it during the weekends for 15 years. Hot Dog Station will fill one of four planned commercial locations in the building, the other three will be available for rent. The town has been a significant help in working with me to get this building reestablished to serve the community.”

LEDO: What can customers expect at the Hot Dog Station?

Eric: “The concept of Hot Dog Station is a carry-out only establishment where customers can enjoy a bite while overlooking the Falls, sitting at the train depot, or just simply taking it back to their home or office. We are still developing our business and look forward to getting feedback from the community.”

Business name: The Hot Dog Station

Location: 15 N Monroe, Williamsport IN

Hours: 11:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday, 11:00am-4:00pm Saturday, closed Sundays

For more information email: williamsportfalls@gmail.com

Follow on Facebook at: Hot dog station

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