In advance of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Dan DeSutter, a farmer at DeSutter Farms, has been named a Hoosier Resilience Hero by Indiana University’s Environmental Resilience Institute (ERI).

DeSutter has helped to educate thousands of farmers, landowners, conservation professionals and others on the benefits of improved soil health, including benefits that help mitigate climate change. His advocacy for no-till farming, cover crops and grazing has raised the profile of practices that contribute to building up carbon in soil. According to the news release, DeSutter not only talks about the impacts of regenerative agriculture, his personal experiences on his 5,000-acre farm in west central Indiana demonstrate their effectiveness. He also challenges agricultural stakeholders to think through the costs of conventional farming practices, putting forth a broader vision of what is possible on the land.

Hoosier Resilience Heroes are individuals and groups committed to ensuring a safe, healthy environment for their families, their neighbors and future generations. This year’s cohort includes professionals and volunteers dedicated to sustainable agriculture, flood control, clean energy, environmental justice, and other aspects of environmental protection and resilience.

“We affect our environment, and our environment affects us. Whether it is coronavirus, climate change or corn yields, we live in interconnected systems. The better we understand these connections, the more resilient we can become to protect our health, our communities and our economy,” said ERI Director Janet McCabe. “In my view, these people are true heroes. Their efforts are an example for every Hoosier who cares about the health and vitality of our state and planet.”

To learn more about ERI’s 2020 Hoosier Resilience Heroes go to:

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