Local athletes were recently named to the Wabash River Conference All-Conference Teams and will be honored at the fall sports banquet at the Beef House on Nov. 18.

Due to COVID-19, the banquet will only be for the head coaches and athletes, according to information from the conference. Parents, family, and visitors will not be able to attend the banquet.

The conference staff is going to try to stream the event so that others may watch. If the group is unable to stream, they will record the presentation of awards.


Team Champion – Fountain Central

Coach – Chris Webb

Calvin Springer – Covington, Myles Potter – Covington, Carson Eberly – Fountain Central, Nolan Potter – Covington, Evan James – Parke Heritage, Blake Boatman – South Vermillion, Evan Norton – Covington, Caiden Santos – South Vermillion


Team Champion – Seeger

Coach – Lori Grimmett

Emily Bowen – Seeger, Bailey McCormick – South Vermillion, Jocelyn Kerr – Attica, Caroline Mandeville – Attica, Allison Schawitsch – South Vermillion, Briley Peyton – Covington, Jayci Halsema – Seeger, Nola Walls – Fountain Central


Team Champion – Seeger

Coach – Miles Stucky

Kolton Pearson – Seeger, Ethan Hernandez – Seeger, Carson Pietrzak – Fountain Central, Brandon Todd – Riverton Parke, Hayden Kler – Fountain Central, Thomas Odle – Seeger, Dan Adams – Fountain Central, Blake Harris – Parke Heritage , Ethan Guminski – Seeger, Burke Tuggle – Attica


Team Champion – Seeger

Coach – Miles Stucky

Jennifer Romero – Seeger, Libby Smith – Seeger, Hadessah Austin – Seeger, Allison High – Seeger, Nataleigh Yarborough – Seeger, Bailey Duncan – Covington, Avah Watson – Seeger, Sydney Kramer – Parke Heritage, Emily Meyer – South Vermillion, Emily Mager – Riverton Parke


Team Champion – Parke Heritage

Coaches – Sondra Clendenin & Samantha Gregg

Amber Cruser – Covington, Atlantis Clendenin – Parke Heritage, Karsyn Engle – Covington, Jillian Gregg – Parke Heritage, Holly Linville – Covington, Madison Millspaugh – Parke Heritage, Nai’a Pettit – Covington, Sophia Ashby – Seeger, Marley Massey – Fountain Central, Paige Laffoon – Seeger, Ava Martin – North Vermillion, Riley Shrader – Seeger, Jenna Brown – Parke Heritage, Livy Gilman – South Vermillion


Attica – Adyson Goodwin, Hailey Van De Water, Fountain Central – Lillie Fishero, North Vermillion – Tycee Crabtree, Parke Heritage – Carly Harpold, Grace Ramsay, Riverton Parke – Bailey Duke, Taylor Howard, Seeger – Avery Cole, South Vermillion – Makenzie Foster, Zarah Natalie


Team Champion – South Vermillion

Coach – Greg Barrett

OFFENSE — Zach Black – Attica, Alan Karrfalt – Covington, John Kiger – Covington, Cole Kirkpatrick – Fountain Central, Austin Pickett – Fountain Central, Weston Rowe – North Vermillion, Christian Johnson – Parke Heritage, Noble Johnson – Parke Heritage, Louis Monik – Parke Heritage, Anthony Wood – Parke Heritage, Elijah Greene – Seeger, Jameson Sprague – Seeger, Thomas Brooks – South Vermillion, Anthony Garzolini – South Vermillion, Anthonio Nieves – South Vermillion

DEFENSE — John Britt – Attica, Brandte Gayler – Attica, Neil Ellmore – Covington, Duncan Keller – Covington, Quinton Hanks – Parke Heritage, Derron Hazzard – Riverton Parke, Owen Snedeker – Seeger, Khal Stephen – Seeger, Brock Thomason – Seeger, Cade Walker – Seeger, Peyton Hawkins – South Vermillion, James Mancourt – South Vermillion, Kadin McMahan – South Vermillion, Sam Natale – South Vermillion, Joey Shew – South Vermillion


Attica – Chance Baer, Bradley Britt, Zeb Shonkwiler; Covington – Doug Krout, Nate Sly; Fountain Central – Luke Adams, Luke Foxworthy; North Vermillion – Carter Edney; Parke Heritage – Roger Crowder, Logan Girdler, Reece Simpson; Riverton Parke – Kayden Allee, Seth McConnell; Seeger – Brock Rudolph, Jesse Wolber; South Vermillion – Austin Beckman, Matt Goeppner

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