The Warren County Community Foundation and AccuBurn Inc. teamed up to create a 9-hole disc golf course at Falls Branch Park in Williamsport.

The Dynamic Disc Veteran baskets were chosen for the course. They are PDGA approved Championship level disc golf targets and made of stainless steel for durability and longevity.

The baskets are red so they will stand out and be easy for participants to see.

Disc golf is an activity that people of all ages and ability levels can enjoy.

This course is shorter than most courses, but has an added degree of difficulty due to the narrow fairways. New participants don’t throw as far, so it will be great for beginners. The narrow fairways on about half of the course provide more technical shots for experienced players who want to work on accuracy. One local family that enjoys disc golf is the Bishir family. Jeremy Bishir said, “We enjoy playing at all the local disc golf courses but what makes Williamsport different is, it’s a bit more challenging. It is somewhat beginner friendly but at the same time there are some technical shots that you have to make or you’re going into the woods. It’s not always easy to play when you have to hit tight fairways and turn corners between trees. I think it helps add a good variety in our area, not to mention it is good exercise and healthy to be outside getting fresh air.”

AccuBurn Inc. are experts in metal fabrication and getting PhotoSTEEL products.

They created the numbers on the top of each basket as well as the hole maps which designate the tee box for the next hole. Warren County Community Foundation college intern, Mallory Potter, designed the hole maps so that AccuBurn Inc. could create them. These stainless steel maps are permanent with no worry of fading over time.

Disc golf only requires one disc per person to play, and you can purchase a disc for as little at $7.00. However, once people become better, they tend to add discs to their collection to include putters, distance drivers, midrange discs, and so on.

Michele Stucky, Warren County Community Foundation director said, “Personally, I only take one disc along. I am mostly playing for the exercise and enjoyment of being outside. I don’t like to have another disc to carry, or a backpack or cart full of discs. This course caters to all types of players. I have seen people at the course with a cart full of discs, or people like myself with only one disc.”

The course is at the opposite end of the park from the Williamsport Falls. There are two ways to access the course. One would be to park at the top of the falls, enjoy the entire trail, and play the course as you walk back towards your vehicle.

The other would be to access the course from the River Road side. On that side there is a small grassy area big enough for 4-5 cars just off the entrance to the treatment plant on the left hand side past the pump station. Visitors should not drive down into the gorge area. They should park at the top and walk down to the first tee box. When playing from this direction, after the 9th hole you can either enjoy the foot trails on the way back to the car or if the course is not busy, you could play the course backwards on the way back to the car.

If anyone has any questions about the course, call 765-764-1501.