2021 Regional Scripps Spelling Bee to be online March 5

For the past 31 years, the Scripps 10 County Regional National Spelling Bee (Benton, Carroll, Clinton, Fountain, Jasper, Newton, Montgomery, Tippecanoe, White and Warren counties) has been in person. As with so many other events, COVID has presented unprecedented alternatives. For 2021, the Major Regional Spelling Bee Sponsor, Adults Learner, Inc., has made the difficult decision to change the format of this Spelling Bee from in person to online via the Scripps Online Testing Portal. Scripps is providing schools, parents, and sponsors with resources, according to a news release. This means that the 10 County Regional Competition originally scheduled for March 6 at Faith Christian School will not take place there on that date. Instead, the Scripps Online Spelling Bee Test will be scheduled for March 5. Consequently, no one is permitted to attend.

The Online Scripps Spelling Bee Test will only be open for 24 hours on March 5. It is recommended that a school faculty member proctor the test during school hours (preferably between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.). This online test will be 30 minutes. Once Scripps announces the winner of the 2021 Regional Online Spelling Bee, this information will be publicized.

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