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Whether you had Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends or enjoyed turkey or a vegan turkey substitute alone, you and everyone else does eat, and that food got to your plate and bowl from the labor of farmworkers. Yet the labor of farmworkers is not treated equally to the labor of other human beings. The law of New York and every other state discriminates against field hands. That is ...

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This year's Thanksgiving dinner prices rose due to several factors including  supply chain issues, higher supermarket demand associated with people cooking at home more often during the pandemic and high global demand for food. In Illinois, prices are slightly above the national average.


WASHINGTON — Americans will feast on smoked, fried, spatchcocked or just plain roasted turkey carcasses by the millions this Thanksgiving, but not on Peanut Butter and Jelly. President Joe Biden continued one of the White House’s strangest traditions on Friday afternoon, pardoning two cutely named birds ahead of the holiday. The turkeys spent Thursday night in style at the Willard Hotel and ...