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Fricassee is a traditional French stew. Fresh vegetables and wild mushrooms flavor this light, vegetarian version. Rice and lentils are added to make a hearty meal, which all cooks in one skillet. Canned lentils and microwaveable rice help make this a simple, quick meal. Helpful Hints: — You can use any type of lettuce. — You can substitute any type of soft cheese for brie. — You can use any ...


Fried rice needs to be crisp and flavorful. To capture the crisp, smoky wok flavor, make sure your pan is very hot. When you add the ingredients, let them sit for one or two minutes before tossing. This allows the wok to return to a high heat after the cold food has been added. Helpful Hints: — For easy stir-frying, place all the prepared ingredients on a cutting board or plate in order of ...

For those looking to get out of the house without wandering away from their property, cultivating a home garden can provide a welcome escape. As an added bonus, you can incorporate the vegetables you grow into your next home-cooked meals. There are many options for Midwest gardeners to choose from to grow at home.

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Salsas, Spanish for the word “sauce,” are low in calories, full of flavor, and available with a variety of ingredients, from tomatoes, jalapen…

The cold air might be nipping at your nose, and now that we’ve said our goodbyes to the beach, sandals and shorts, there’s no better time to crank up the temperature in your kitchen with a tasty, hearty stew.