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While you can’t anticipate which exact questions you’re going to be asked in a job interview situation, recruiters can actually be pretty predictable and consistent when it comes to their interview content. Recruiters are trying to suss out whether you’ll be a good fit for their openings, so the baseline questions are often very similar. […]

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If you’ve been in the work world for a while or are searching for your first big break, you’re undoubtedly aware that there are few things as stressful as being on the hunt for a new job. On top of the fact that it’s a high-stakes, winner-take-all experience and the competition today is fiercer than […]

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You’re in the interview. You have your talking points down cold, and you’ve rocked the small talk portion of the interview. You’re ready to talk about your job qualifications all day if you need to. Then the interviewer smiles, looks at you, and says, “This is all great. So where do you see yourself in […]

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We all know how challenging it can be when you’re on the hunt for a new job. On top of applicants needing to stand out from the crowd in a super-competitive employment landscape across all industries and sectors, companies are also raising their expectations regarding what they want in qualified candidates and are figuring out […]

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You’re in an interview. It’s going well—you aced the small talk, and you have solid, thoughtful answers to all of their questions about your resume. Now things start to get a little more abstract in the questions: Tell me more about yourself. And then there’s the one that can feel like a friendly, professional trap: […]

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It’s easy to see how job interviews have changed over time: more email, less formality, pre-interviews with chatbots, Skype interviews, etc. What’s not so easy is determining which interview principles are just as valid and necessary as ever, even as you prepare to job hunt in a modern world. Let’s look at some of the […]

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Are you in the middle of a job hunt or gearing up for one? If so, then you’re likely aware that today’s job market has changed considerably in recent years—everything from volatile economic conditions, to increased globalization, to shifts in hiring needs and job parameters, to massive advances in technological innovation have effectively eradicated the […]

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When it comes to interviewing, the unfortunate truth is that the rules of fairness and objectivity don’t always evenly apply to all people in all situations. Although we may like to think that HR professionals and hiring personnel stick solely to experience and qualifications when making their decisions, the truth is, they’re just people—and are […]