DeMOTTE — To prepare for the 50th season of DeMotte Little League, volunteers helped load and spread just over 375,000 pounds of limestone to baseball and softball fields at Field of Dreams.

The league had the fields redone two years ago, and this year limestone was added to help build infield levels back up and overall maintenance.

Volunteers worked Thursday and Saturday morning of last week to get the limestone in place.

Helping out under the direction of Dan Beauchamp were Adam Sharp, Brian Grady, Jeremy and Gavin Rayner, Brandon Bahnerth, and Bill Gidley.

Saturday morning the guys had five pieces of equipment working in unison to get the limestone in the field. The equipment was donated by Cheever’s Towing & Recovery, Telstra Trucking, HKS Trucking and Excavating, and NSEW Construction.

Top Line game the league a good price on the limestone, which helped the league be able to address all the fields.

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