INDIANAPOLIS — During an Indiana High School Athletic Association Executive Committee meeting on Oct. 7, the committee was offered a proposal for a basketball mercy rule at all levels of play and in the IHSAA state tournament (except for the state finals), a running clock will be initiated after the first half when one team has a lead of 35 points or more.

Once the running clock begins, regular timing procedures will not be used for the remainder of the game.

The game clock will run continuously except for the following situations when it will be stopped:

a. An official’s timeout for an injured participant.

b. A charged (team) timeout occurs.

c. Intermission between third and fourth quarter.

d. Anytime a foul is called that will result in free throws.

e. Anytime officials determine it is necessary for safety reasons.

This rule will take effect with the upcoming 2021-22 boys and girls basketball seasons.

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