WHEATFIELD — A third grade student at Wheatfield Elementary saw a need for a friend and began a quest to help.

Henry Sandonato raised enough money to buy his friend, who has to use a wheelchair, a wheelchair lift for the family car. His friend Weston Sears had no idea what his friend Henry was up to.


Photo by Cheri Shelhart

Friends Henry Sandonato and Weston Sears,take a moment for a picture before heading back inside the school last Thursday afternoon.

Surprise reveal

Weston Sears and his mother Mary (far left), join Henry Sandonato and his parents Tommy and Lynssi, for the surprise reveal of a wheelchair lift for Weston outside Wheatfield Elementary last week. The wheelchair lift is in the box.

Sandonato family

Henry poses with his parents, Tommy and Lynnsi Sandonato, by the wheelchair lift.

Gathering for the surprise

Wheatfield Elementary third grade classes gather outside to surprise their classmate with a wheelchair lift Jan. 12.

Wheelchair lift

The brand new wheelchair lift is ready for assembly. It attaches to the hitch of a vehicle for transporting a wheelchair.

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