JASPER COUNTY — The Rensselaer Senior Center of the Jasper County Community Services had a celebration to close out a program that began in June.

The Route 66 Completion Celebration, held on Tuesday, Nov. 22, acknowledged seven seniors that completed the entire Route 66 exercise program. It was a fun and creative program coordinated by site manager, Amy Sipkema. Seniors walked 20 minutes and it counted as 20 miles on the Route 66 journey.

Walking, dancing, yard work, a walk around the house, down the block, at the park with a friend, balance and stretching exercises could be documented.

Twenty minutes spent in any type of activity that increased heart rate and included moving counted as 20 miles on the route. The senior centers all believe that change happens one step at a time in any area of choice. This program took that concept to a different level to promote exercise. Seniors tracked their physical activity and applied it to a course from Chicago to Santa Monica along the legendary Route 66.

Those who participated were able to earn incentives through documentation on work sheets. Education through information about unique attractions and famous historical locations provided a great learning opportunity to learn specific facts and information about historical sites along the Route 66 highway.

At the close of the program those that completed the journey received a grand prize. An honorary medal of completion was fitting for this journey of success.

Each participant also received a gift box, including a foot spa treatment, a great reward for walking. Those that completed the six-month journey were Karen Brunton, Sandy Kulik, Martha Langley, Jeanann Ortman, Miriam Steinkamp, Fran Valade and Delos Williams.

Jasper County Community Services strives to promote positive nutrition and preventative health choices at each of the three senior centers in Jasper County. For more information about the programs, lunch, activities, and opportunities please call the Rensselaer Senior Center at (219) 866-4333.

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