JASPER COUNTY — Senator Mike Braun stopped in Jasper County on Wednesday as part of his yearly tour to visit all 92 counties in Indiana to listen to Hoosiers about his work for them in the Senate.

Braun took questions from Hoosier corn and soybean farmers and discussed the state of Hoosier agriculture during the coronavirus pandemic as part of Indiana Corn and Soy ShopTalk 2020, put on by the Indiana Soybean Alliance and Indiana Corn Growers Association, sponsored by Beck’s.

The event was held at the Ryan Kohlhagen farm in Rensselaer.

“Agriculture is the foundation of the Hoosier economy, and every time I can speak with Hoosier farmers about the work they do to keep our country moving helps me represent them on the Senate Agriculture Committee,” Braun said. “(Wednesday), I spoke about helping farmers through the coronavirus crisis and how I look forward to helping them find new markets, get paid for their environmentally positive carbon practices through my Growing Climate Solutions Act, and develop new products.”

“We really appreciate the senator coming and spending time with our members and our local community and the local farmers in this area, said Courtney Kingery, CEO of the Indiana Soybean Alliance, Indiana Corn Marketing Council, and the Indiana Corn Growers Association. “Great to hear from him a couple of points: first off, his support in the short term for the growers and producers through these tough times – really got that sense of his support in the short term – also looking out for the long term: What’s the long term for agriculture, what do we see is next, what are new markets we can get into and new uses we can get into for corn and soybeans to help diversify the end markets. Both of those areas are really important for us at the Corn Marketing Council and the Indiana Corn Growers and Soybean Alliance, because they align really well with our strategic planning areas.

“Then we also heard [Senator Braun] talking about the work he’s doing on practical approaches to conservation, to environmental sustainability, that’s something that a lot of farmers and producers are already doing – sustainable production practices – and about putting proactive and practical conversations around that so the producers can be financially rewarded for the good practices they’re already doing, and to make that connection between the open market and the production practices to potentially bring some additional profit opportunities back to the farm.

“We really appreciate his support, and those practical market-driven approaches are great for Indiana corn and soybean farmers.”