Rensselaer Primary School

The Rensselaer Primary School reported the corporation’s first COVID case on Thursday.

RENSSELAER — The Rensselaer Central School Corporation has its first COVID-19 case.

On Thursday, corporation superintendent Curtis Craig announced to faculty and administrators via a letter that a positive case has been reported at the Rensselaer Primary School.

Kindergarten through second-grade students are taught at the primary school.

He added that contact tracing was conducted with guidance from the Jasper County Health Department and those who came in close contact with the individual have been identified.

Craig said a student tested positive for the virus. Contact tracing revealed eight people were exposed.

Craig and school officials talked this summer of keeping the school open if they can identify who has been exposed through tracing.

“Based on Indiana State Department of Health guidelines,” Craig said, “a close contact is defined as someone who has been within six feet of someone with a positive test for more than 15 minutes.”

When a person has been identified as a close contact, the person might not be positive for COVID-19, Craig added.

“A person is considered positive for COVID-19 only if the person is properly tested and the results are positive,” he said.

RCSC has implemented the following actions:

• The known close contacts have been instructed to quarantine for 14 calendar days, even if test results are negative for COVID-19.

• All classrooms are disinfected every day after school according to standard procedures.

• Students that are quarantined will receive classroom work and assignments.

When dealing with COVID-19, conducting regular screening for symptoms and ongoing self-monitoring through the school day can help reduce exposure. If a student develops symptoms through the day, they must notify an adult immediately.