Dear Editor,

I am Marshall Putt, and I own a farm and property in Jasper County. I am writing in support of the White Post Wind Project. There has been a lot of opposition to wind energy coming to Jasper County; however, as a landowner, I feel the benefits greatly outweigh any negative impacts.

Wind farms allow diversification of the electricity mixed with pollution-free, low-cost wind energy. This will help to lower overall energy costs across the state and keep more money in consumers’ pockets, as demonstrated in Iowa and Kansas. And, Indiana’s current rank of 48th in the nation in air quality demands a change to clean energy.

Unfortunately, some outsiders have come to Jasper County and used misinformation or

political motivations to try to stop wind energy here. Their agendas are not our agendas, and their tactics are designed to divide communities and pit one neighbor against another to accomplish their ends.

Above all, I want people in this community to respect one another and let each of us do what’s right for our families and Jasper County. I believe wind is what our county needs.

Thank you for reading.

Marshall Putt

(Editorial Note: The Rensselaer Republican is aware that the White Post Wind Project has become a controversial issue among local communities and wishes to be fair in its coverage. Anyone who wishes to write a letter for either side of the ongoing debate is encouraged to do so.)

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