Here is what I have learned during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

I worry when I am low on bread and eggs, but not toilet paper.

CVS and Walgreen’s can run low on milk and more. But, they will gather items for you at their windows.

Being outside in spring can heal some of your woes.

Raking leaves in places never raked before is not work, but a pleasure. I do not know why. I can only rake for a while.

Poison ivy in my yard has my name on it. And FYI, the oil from poison ivy can land all over your body.

When my spirit is low, a heartwarming book or a mystery read helps, plus the cup of tea or hot chocolate joining me in a cozy spot.

Belle, our cat, loves marshmallows and knows immediately when I grab the hot chocolate tin. I cannot leave any outside door open, because Belle will escape.

“Marie, Marie, Marie” is a bird’s call. Which bird?

Sitting outside does make me smile and feel contented.

People do smile while riding or walking by my home.

Walkers going by as I retrieve the morning paper in my pajamas pleasantly say, “Good morning!”

Our grass is growing quickly. I think I see it grow like Anita Jordan said she sees her corn growing.

When you read a good book on your iPad outside, it helps to sit in the shade.

Oh, I really miss watching or listening to the Chicago Cubs games. There is a hole in the day without the Cubs.

No matter which pot I have planted full of pansies, the squirrels will dig in that pot.

Plants nipped when the thermometer dipped low can survive and rebound.

Seniors in our high school are resilient and creative even with their crazy COVID-19 last semester.

COVID-19 masks can be stifling and freeing at the same time.

When friends and family make you masks, that is a very good feeling.

I miss being up close and personal with family, friends, and cohorts. Does Zoom help? Hum …

I absorb something new every time my husband and I take a ride around Jasper County. Rides bring joy and many photo ops.

I really like writing these columns about just anything usually Jasper County; writing them make me cogitate, a word I have never used before.

It seems, as I ponder this subject, that people with masks stay appropriately at a distance, but not true for those without masks. What are those maskless wonders thinking of?

What might you subtract from my list of what I have learned during the COVID-19 Pandemic? What would you add?

See the Jasper County Historical Society’s Quick/Walters/Hall Log Cabin and the Rosebud School at the Jasper County Fair. We are very good at social distancing.

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