REMINGTON — Business partners Barry and Todd Smith fulfilled a promise they made nearly 11 months ago by opening their new, expanded Smith Transport Warehouse.

The facility was officially unveiled May 21 during a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the site.

The 245,000-sqaure-foot location, already filled with products, features racks of storage space and new docking technology for businesses to safely store food products.

“The biggest thing was that we are a food-grade facility, so we focused on food safety,” said Cole Bauge, operations manager for the new facility. “So when the driver comes to the facility, they actually back into the door with their trailer still sealed and shut. These styles of dock plates and doors allow us to open the door to the dock, cut the seal, and open the trailer doors inside the facility, so the driver doesn’t touch anything.”

Smith Transport offers services to Eggife Foods, Rose Acres Farms, Remington Seeds, 1-65 Transport, and others. They primarily house products for about seven local businesses year-round, and then some out-of-state businesses seasonally.

“At least for EggLife, they have been instrumental in our company’s growth. We do not have the storage at our facility, so we store a lot here,” said Ben Bohall, EggLife Foods’ director of operations.

Bohall has been a customer of Smith’s for more than 10 years. They stored their products at the company’s previous location across the street.

The lot was sold to Remington, so a new water tower could be built to “better support the expanding community”.

Smith Transport hopes to help Jasper County grow economically by providing more jobs and opportunities for local businesses.

“We can employ lots of employees and expand upon our customer reach. You will have truck drivers who will deliver crates of goods to your local businesses. This expansion will drive more customers to this area, so they can see what all the area has to offer,” said Jennifer Hillegass, Smith Transport’s inside sales and marketing manager.

Smith Transport Warehouse is one company within Smith Enterprises, which has multiple warehouse locations in Indiana and Pennsylvania.

In June 2020, the Smith Transport announced it would devote $10.7 million in capital expenditures — $9.7 million in real property, $215,000 in personal property, and $778,000 in property acquisition — and equip the nearly 20-acre operation.

A month later, the Remington City Council approved a tax abatement for Smith Transportation on 10-year real property and eight-year personal property sliding scales.

Smith Transport/Smith Transport Warehouse has operated in Remington since 1995, but in 2019 sold its long-time facility to New Jersey-based, integrated plastics manufacturer Inteplast.

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