Equipment in Park

Photo by Mike Babcock

These spaces are being reserved for the installation of workout equipment at Remington Community Park.

REMINGTON — The Remington Parks Department has started creating an outdoor workout equipment space at Remington Community Park.

The equipment will be placed along the mile-long paved pathway. The project is on schedule to be completed this fall.

The equipment was purchased by the Remington Parks Department using CDC funds, which require the money to be used on permanent structures. The cost of the equipment was $10,000.

The Jasper Newton Foundation granted $1,500 for the concrete work and Remington Women’s Giving Circle donated $500.

“The park expects the concrete work to be completed the week after Labor Day, Park Superintendent Mike Babcock said. “We are hopeful the equipment will be installed shortly after.”

Babcock said the equipment will make a nice addition to the park.

“We are excited for the residents to utilize the equipment, especially since we have had so many requests for a project like this to happen,” he said. “We thought along the walking trail would be a great location since it is a popular amenity.”

There are four stations being installed. Each machine is designed for two people to use at the same time. The equipment will include two chest presses, a country skier station and lateral pull-down machine.

“There has been a large increase in use of the park and its amenities this year during the COVID-19 response, and we know our community athletes, families and all our residents can benefit from this new project,” Babcock said.

Parks around the state, including the New Foundation Park near the old Monnett School Park, are beginning to add workout stations in an effort to encourage getting outdoors, and better health and wellness.