Rabbit Hole Emporium 1

Photo by Zoey Fields

Holly Sinar opened Rabbit Hole Emporium with co-owner David Hottinger. The shop is one of a few within 45 minutes that serve Black Rifle coffee.

MONTICELLO — Rabbit Hole Emporium is a mixture of antiques, coffee and health coaching.

The local Monticello shop opened four weeks ago under owners Holly Sinar and David Hottinger.

The shop is truly an emporium, Sinar said. It ranges from a flea market, to a coffee shop, to an antique store and a spot to receive health coaching, she said.

The two owners combined their own extensive antique collections to fill the store. Products range from refurbished appliances, jerseys, furniture, comic books and much more. About 80 percent of the items belonged to Hottinger and Sinar at the time of the store’s opening.

Sinar has been a health coach for 18 years and practices her services on the side and over the phone, she said. Her business, Sinfully Well, focuses on helping patients work with doctors to resolve issues regarding medicines and treatments.

Hottinger is in his 19th year with the U.S. Army and is planning his 20-year retirement. He has been collecting antiques ever since they piqued his interest in high school, he said. He often does his own improvements on the antiques that require it.

“Some things you don’t touch,” he said, referencing a Japanese chess set in the store. “People want the dust on there with the original set.”

Hottinger is from Greenwood, but plans to move to Rensselaer soon with Sinar so they can operate the store together.

“We have a very dynamic store going on there,” Hottinger said, “and we are appreciative of the local support we’ve been getting.”

Rabbit Hole Emporium is one of the only Black Rifle Coffee carriers within 45 minutes of the shop, Sinar said. Residents are encouraged to visit for coffee, shopping and health coaching interests.

Local vendors may also have an opportunity to sell their collections at the store, she said. Currently, 30 to 40 vendors have belongings in the shop, and they expect to see more spots open as items sell.

“We want to make it look like it did when the store was brand new,” Hottinger said, “and that can also be done with the support of locals.”

Rabbit Hole Emporium is located at 12150 U.S. Hwy 421 S. Monticello. For more information, visit their Facebook page or contact Holly Sinar at 321-591-7575.