Invasives Initiative

Several counties throughout Northwest Indiana have recently formed or are in the process of forming a Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA).

CISMAs are grassroots organizations that build partnerships to enhance conservation efforts on a local level. CISMAs raise awareness about the negative impacts of invasive species. They also provide invasive species management resources to community members. Jasper County is an exemplary example of how partners came together to form a CISMA.

Throughout this past year, the Jasper County CISMA has made huge organizational strides including finalizing their name, mission statement, and logo. The group’s name is Jasper County Invasives Initiative. Developing a mission statement is essential, as it outlines the CISMA’s main objectives and exemplifies their role within the community.

After thorough discussion, the group finalized their mission statement: To educate, engage and empower local citizens on invasive species in Jasper County.

Countryside Landscaping, a local business, donated their time and expertise to designing an amazing logo for Jasper County Invasives Initiative. Countryside Landscaping is one of many partners that continues to propel the success of the CISMA.

Jasper County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) District Executive Director, Shelby Keys, states, “By joining the Jasper County Invasives Initiative, I have learned how detrimental invasive species are to our land. This initiative is a giant effort from different conservation partners to create a community-led group that helps educate citizens about invasive species and the proper treatment of them. My biggest goal for the group is to enhance public awareness of invasive species within Jasper County.”

Jasper County Invasives Initiative is looking for new members that are interested in learning more about invasive species and local conservation. A reminder that free landowner surveys are available to Jasper County residents, contact 260-243-2161 or

To learn more about Jasper County Invasives Initiative, visit their webpage at

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