Commissioners meeting

JASPER COUNTY — The Jasper County Commissioners will meet Monday, April 5 at 8:15 p.m. at the new county health department building on 9-10 S. Sparling Avenue.

There is also a Zoom option.

Among the items on the agenda include:

• An appearance by Don Schoenbeck of NITCO on fiber extension.

• Chris Cappelleti on a request to vacate alley.

• Pat Fox with a Little Cousin Jasper update.

• Tori Phegley of the Jasper County Economic Development Organization office on the Jasper Jaunt.

• Kara Fishburn on voting centers.

• Bill Wakeland on a building addition.

• A rezone request.

• Debra Nagel and Michele Taylor will be on hand to request to replace part-time sanitarian.

• Jake Taulman to request making a part-time investigator into a full-time position and request to replace investigator.

• Sheriff Pat Williamson will offer a request to replace part-time court security.

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