RENSSELAER — Dr. Janice Mallory, DVM, has waited a long time to see her dreams come true.

But now, the dreams of expanding Rensselaer Pet Care and working with her son, Dr. Nick Mallory, DVM, are coming to fruition, as the two celebrated the groundbreaking for a new building earlier this year in the Drexel Park area.

Although Jan has been serving the small animals of the community for years, the dream of working with Nick didn’t come true until July 2017, after he graduated from the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. Jan said she’s quite proud of Nick, who is an associate veterinarian.

“It’s been a dream of mom’s ever since we were kids to build a new practice,” Nick said. “To be able to be a part of that, let alone see it, is amazing. I not only get to work with my role model, but I get to call her mom.”

Rensselaer Pet Care clinic on North Cullen Street was created in 1991 when the Rensselaer Veterinary Clinic partnership changed. The Rensselaer Veterinary Clinic was a livestock and small animal practice, but as the business grew, the livestock practice became specialized. Jan stayed in the building of the veterinary clinic where Rensselaer Pet Care is currently located.

“Our present location is just too small and I’ve wanted to expand for years — 30 to be exact,” Jan said. “We plan to be able to better serve our families and their pets by increasing availability of appointments and services.”

The current building is 3,000 square feet and houses veterinary and boarding services. The new building will be 3,900 square feet and will house animal medical services. The boarding will continue at the current location.

“That allows us to have a lot more room for the veterinary practice itself. It will be wonderful,” Jan said. “The boarding can also expand. We can have more space in the current building for a more private-type boarding. Some of the rooms can be utilized as more home-like type rooms.”

The equipment for the new services will also be available once the new building opens.

“We will now have room for more services including but not limited to ultrasound, therapeutic laser, digital dental X-rays, and a lot of things that we truly just don’t have the room to put in this building,” Jan said.

Nick is looking forward to more space and the ability to have dental X-rays and ultrasounds results quicker.

“We will now have five rooms that will allow us to not be on top of each other,” Nick said. “I think that being in a building constructed by a company that builds veterinary practices gives us the opportunity to have a better flow.”

Jan said she favored the Drexel Park area as the new location for their practice because there is room to expand. The construction of the new practice is on schedule and the hope is to be in the new building by Thanksgiving or earlier.

She noted that the business might have to be closed for a few days during the move, but “I do not expect to be closed for an extended period.”

Because there will be more space and new services offered, Jan is looking to hire more veterinarians. Jan said at times, it is a challenge to attract other veterinarians to small towns, but the small-town life is what she cherishes as she works with generations of families.

“That’s one of the joys working in a small town — seeing the generations,” Jan said. “I watch kids grow up with the pets and then have the honor of taking care of their pets when they have a family. It’s been wonderful.”

Although Jan is looking to hire new veterinarians, it doesn’t mean that she is ready to retire. She plans to do a little more traveling, but she’s not ready to retire.

“I am very lucky to love what I do,” Jan said. “I love practicing in a small town and knowing our clients.”

Nick agreed that working in Rensselaer is a pleasure.

“We have the best crew and the best clients in the world. I couldn’t be luckier if I tried,” Nick said. “I love the fact that we are keeping the business in Rensselaer because I love it. I think it’s important for young entrepreneurs to look at Rensselaer because we have a lot to offer.”

For more information about the new services, Rensselaer Pet Care will offer, visit the practice website at

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