Judy Moore


JASPER COUNTY — Judy Moore will have to wait a few more months to get her day in court.

Moore, who is charged with the murder of her step-mother, Trula Alliss, in 2015, was set to appear at a jury trial beginning March 15, but it will be delayed until June 21.

The trial is expected to last five days, with Jasper County Superior Court Judge Russell Bailey presiding.

Bailey granted a continuance in the case at the request of Moore’s attorney, Richard Kallenbach, of DeMotte, who is in the process of getting his COVID-19 vaccine shot.

Kallenbach is also expected to undergo a health procedure in the next few weeks, said Jasper County Prosecutor Jacob Taulman.

“He wants to make sure there aren’t any chances of him feeling unhealthy (at trial),” Taulman said.

Moore is currently with family in Georgia while she awaits the start of the trial. She is outfitted with an ankle bracelet and being monitored by the county probation department.

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A motion for Moore to travel to Georgia was granted by Bailey in October.

Moore, 74, was charged with the murder of Alliss, 77, of Rensselaer. She was discovered dead in a pool of blood in her apartment at 989 B-Mar Drive by a neighbor.

After evidence was gathered at the scene and interviews conducted, Moore, who was 68 at the time, was charged with murder, aggravated battery use when the assault possesses a substantial risk of death, and battery resulting in serious bodily injury.

An autopsy revealed that Alliss suffered from blunt force injuries which contributed to her death.

New evidence in the case was introduced to a grand jury in January 2020 and a warrant was obtained for Moore’s arrest. At that time, Moore came back to Rensselaer from Georgia and was arrested while she was staying at a local hotel.

Moore faces many of the same charges and continues to await trial. The first trial date was set in March 2020, but the pandemic forced a postponement.

Trial dates were set for June and July with a jury trial commencing in August. However, a mistrial was declared three days later when inadmissible evidence was introduced by the defense.

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