New doctor has extensive experience


Dr. James Wakefield (right) welcomes Dr. Syed Kazmi as the newest doctor at the Christian Clinic.

RENSSELAER — The Christian Clinic of Rensselaer is welcoming a new doctor to the medical group.

In October, Dr. Syed Kazmi began a partnership with Dr. James Wakefield at the clinic and is quickly becoming acquainted with the Rensselaer area. Kazmi specializes in family medicine with interests in emergency medicine, urgent care, substance abuse, and acute and chronic pain management. He has more than 25 years of experience in the medical field.

When a new doctor, nurse practitioner, or staff member is hired at the Christian Clinic, the entire staff has a say in the hiring.

“We were looking for someone who had a heart for service, and based on his interview, he was interested in coming,” said Dr. James Wakefield of Kazmi.

Wakefield said Kazmi’s training and experience include many things that are missing in the area, such as inpatient care. The two doctors have similar backgrounds regarding patient care and surgery by using limited resources and improvising. Their training and how they approach patient care are with well-rounded experiences.

Kazmi was contacted by Wakefield and interviewed by him and the staff. Kazmi moved to Indiana in 2017 from Texas because he wanted to be closer to his family in Chicago.

“The hospitality of him and his staff was exceptional, and I have never seen someone like that,” Kazmi said. “It was very unique, and I liked it.”

Kazmi received a thumbs-up from each of the Christian Clinic staff.

When Kazmi was looking for a new location to work, he looked at communities that needed doctors. The opportunity to work at a large or small facility was not the main criteria for a new job. It was the people.

“Where is it that patients cannot get primary care? Where is it that patients need to get in but can’t wait for months or weeks? That was my driving factor,” Kazmi said. “I don’t see big city versus small city. I look at where the need is. There is a need here, and I go where the need is.”

Kazmi knew he wanted to be a physician in ninth grade. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois Chicago and the Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, and a doctorate at the Ross University School of Medicine. Kazmi has a heart for the underprivileged and completed his clerkships at a federally qualified health care center on the south side of Chicago. He has also volunteered numerous hours to help others and has worked in Nigeria for a year helping to establish a hospital ICU ward. Kazmi’s knowledge has also allowed him to teach medical students as an adjunct faculty professor.

Kazmi has learned a lot regarding patient care from two doctors, Dr. James E. Frame and Dr. Gulam Tahir Siddiqui. They challenged him to go beyond his comfort zone and apply what he learned.

“It’s about doing the right thing,” Kazmi said. “I will take care of the patient the best I can.”

During Kazmi’s clerkships, he completed more than 500 general and intensive procedures, and other doctors asked for assistance because of his skills. He spent time mastering the basics, such as becoming proficient in starting IVs so his patients would receive the best care possible. His skills are numerous as he has been a surgery assistant, emergency room physician, and substance abuse physician. When possible Kazmi treats patients in his office instead of sending them to another location.

Kazmi would like to do a fellowship in interventional pain medicine in the future. The hope would be to give patients a better outcome regarding their pain.

Kazmi is currently living in Highland with his children and commutes to Rensselaer. His future plans are to live in Rensselaer.

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