Flight 4184 Memorial

A new memorial is being constructed in remembrance of the 68 victims of American Eagle Flight 4184.

    NEWTON COUNTY — The Legacy of American Eagle Flight 4184 is being presented to family, friends and the public in a special program at the Radison Star Plaza in Merrillville Oct. 30. The program will observe the 20th anniversary of the ill-fated flight that dropped from the sky into a soybean field south of Roselawn on Halloween night in


    All 64 passengers and four crew members were killed when the plane slammed into the ground and disintegrated, leaving debris spread across the area. Families were frustrated with the way the airline handled notifications and identification of the remains.

Jennifer Stansberry Miller, who lost her brother on the flight, was given the wrong remains.

    The families worked together to make changes in the way air disasters are handled by the airlines. Their legacy, the Aviation Disaster Family Assistance Act of 1996 was enacted into law two years after the tragic accident.

    The program in Merrillville, which will run from 6:30 to 9 p.m. will elaborate on the changes brought about after the plane crash, and a panel of experts will speak, including Newton County Emergency Management Director Ray Chambers, who is also fire chief for Lincoln Township Fire Department which responded to the crash that night 20 years ago.

For more details see the Friday, Oct. 17, print edition or e-edition of the Rensselaer Republican.

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