MOROCCO — Gracie Stevens, the versatile track and field athlete from North Newton, signed with Goshen College on Feb. 17 to continue her athletic career.

Stevens, who is a sprinter and high jumper for the Spartans, plans on majoring in Education and possibly looking into becoming a high school English teacher.

“I am excited to be able to continue competing in track and field, “said Stevens. “t was very stressful with the process. We looked at a lot of schools and there were three that kind of stood out, but Goshen felt like home. It is a smaller environment, so I’m not going to be overwhelmed trying to get through campus, and it has a really great Education program.”

Steven’s work ethic and versatility to what caught they go Goshen College Track Coach Rustin Nyce.

“She works hard, she’s a good athlete and a good student; so that’s a combination that we look for,” said Nyce. “The athleticism is there along with the desire to work hard. The desire to engage as a student athlete is important to us. She’s a sprinter, but she has also done the high jump, and I heard from her dad that she is thinking about doing some long jump this year. There could be potential in all of those areas.”

For Stevens, while one major track decision is now done, she now has her eyes focused on the upcoming season.

“Going to state, that the biggest goal for this year,” said Stevens.

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