I like to describe the American farmer as a true conservationist and an incredible ambassador for our country. One who cares for the land for this – and future generations. As farmers across the country are monitoring the progress of their 2022 crops, it’s important that we pause for a moment and salute and thank the first conservationist – the American farmer! The men and women, here in Indiana, work day in and day out to conserve and protect the natural resources 365 days of the year to ensure the soil is ready for that next planting season. What a perfect time to celebrate Hoosier farmers than during the nation’s birthday weekend!

As we reflect on the technological advances in agriculture, we have continually learned better ways to protect the land, water, and air we all depend on to live by using modern production tools such as global positioning satellites, biotechnology, conservation tillage and integrated pest management. American farmers daily live the message of “natural resource management” because they reside and work on the land.

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