MOROCCO — Updates pertaining to the capital projects progress were presented by Dr. Cathy Rowe at the North Newton School Board meeting July 12.

Projects are all moving forward but are still in various stages of completion.

When reviewing budget expenses, Diane Gonczy had some questions about some of the extra payments to contractors. At a previous meeting, pool repair expenses exceeded the original proposal due to overlooked equipment and replacements.

Rowe held firm that the school was not obligated to pay for the missed items or undervalued replacement costs, but only what was in the original proposal.

The board was asked to approve related expenses within the scope of the projects, particularly some water piping at Lincoln Elementary and a corroded water valve for the pool, as well as some LED lighting changes for the pool area.

Gonczy and board member John Haas were insistent that these things should have been considered prior to the bid process and questioned why such obvious things were not in the original quote.

“It should have been better planned, Haas said.

Both felt that the water lines at Lincoln should have been considered in a previous project update.

Board President Pat Reyes said, referring to the water at Lincoln, that it's been in bad shape for years.

“If we've known it was bad for years, why didn't we do this before now," Haas asked.

Rowe agreed and added that it's “hard because we've got four aging buildings in need of attention.”

Now, instead of the added expenditures being part of the bond secured for the projects, the money has to come from the school budget.

“We didn't want to raise tax rates," Karen Zackfia, North Newton School Corporation' director of business and finance, said.

Important need-to-know dates for North Newton are Aug. 11-12 teacher work days, and Aug. 13 is the first student day.

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