MOROCCO, Ind. — Bringing you one step closer to tasting the world, one cup at a time. Joshua Cowan, the pastor at The River Church in Morocco, is a participant in spreading the word of God while raising awareness for Uganda.

To help fund Cowan’s planned mission trip to Uganda where he will be spreading the word of the Gospel while also helping build The Legacy School for the children of Uganda, a freshly brewed coffee blend out of Uganda is being sold by a local distributor — Portside Coffee Co.

“This is work, it is all day every day meeting the needs of speaking life into them with encouragement and the gospel, there is no sightseeing,” says Cowan.

Building classrooms for two grades at a time starting with kindergarten, the children will grow with the legacy school until they are old enough to go into a ministry or trade school.

Cowan, along with his wife Jane, have a public Facebook group page called pocket pals to help teenage girls gain the accomplishment of gaining a much further educational experience through the help of the community by collecting feminine hygiene products and donating undergarments.

Other ways to help fund Cowan’s mission trip include buying locally made Hope 2 Uganda T-shirts, mugs, and barbecue sauce.

In the last year, Joshua has had the opportunity to save $1,800 in selling barbeque alone. When buying the fresh barbecue sauce make sure to ask Joshua about making a donation for some smoked meat.

Join him on Facebook at Brothers in Christ where shared pictures from across the states are wearing their T-shirts in support of Uganda.

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