TLHS cast of 'A Christmas Carol'

Twin Lakes High School Theatre presents “A Christmas Carol” at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday, Nov. 16-17. Pictured are many of the featured cast members: Front row (from left) are Danielle and Wade Cratchit (Maggie True and Sam Hitz), Mrs. Fezziwigg (Julia Pielaszkiewicz), Ebenezer Scrooge (Ashton Yount), Mrs. Dilber (Amelia Ford), Melinda and Belinda Cratchit (Natalie Deck and Mara Horning). In the second row (from left): The Lad (Lia Weisbecker-Lotz) and Mr. Fezziwigg (Anthony Diaz-Romero), William Cratchit (Kobe Lucas), Topper (Jonathan Self), and Young Marley (Tomie Ibarra). Third row (from left): Peter Cratchit (Max Yoder), Alice (Chloie Roth), Fred (Tristan Clemans), Mrs. Cratchit (Kellyn Harrison), Tiny Tim (Coreyn Nolan), Bob Cratchit (Blaine Lilly), Martha Cratchit (Tessa Weisbecker-Lotz), Bess (Zoryana Tsyupak), Missy Watkins (Brailee Whan). Back row: The Laundress (Deidre Roth), Young Scrooge (Jaden Baker), Belle (Anahi Garcia), Ghost of Christmas Past (Amanda Kirchner), Ghost of Christmas Present (Christian Davis), ghost of Jacob Marley (Francisco Lopez), Dick Wilkins (Ryan Denton), Fan (Maggie Clemons) and soloist (Savannah Miller).

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MONTICELLO — The Twin Lakes High School Theatre willl present its production of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” next weekend.

This holiday classic will be presented at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 16-17 in the Twin Lakes High School auditorium. Tickets are now on sale and may be purchased in the Student Services office or by calling (574) 583-7108, option 4. Reserved seating is $6 and tickets at the door are $7.

Dickens’ tale is a holiday classic and perennial favorite. The story revolves around the infamous Ebenezer Scrooge (Ashton Yount), a selfish, cold-hearted miser. The ghost of Scrooge’s dead partner, Jacob Marley (Francisco Lopez), tries to spare Ebenezer his own eternal torment by sending three spirits to change Scrooge’s heart and reclaim his soul.

The Ghosts of Christmas Past (Amanda Kirchner), Present (Christian Davis) and Future (Rhiley Funk) reveal to Scrooge chapters in his life, beginning with Scrooge as a young man (Jaden Baker); his friend, Dick Wilkins (Ryan Denton); his sister, Fan (Maggie Clemons); his fiancée, Belle (Anahi Garcia); the Fezziwigs (Anthony Diaz Romero and Julia Pielaszkiewicz); and young Marley (Tomie Ibarra).

The Ghost of Christmas Present shows Scrooge Tiny Tim (fifth-grade student Coreyn Nolan), the crippled child of his loyal clerk, Bob Cratchit (Blaine Lilly). The Ghost of Christmas Future forces Scrooge to see the tragic outcome that awaits Tim and himself — if he does not alter the course of his own life.

Other featured characters include the following: Scrooge’s nephew, Fred, and his wife, Alice (Tristan Clemans and Chloie Roth); Mrs. Dilber, his housekeeper (Amelia Ford); Mrs. Cratchit (Kellyn Harrison); the Cratchit children (Tessa Weisbecker-Lotz, Max Yoder, Mara Horning, Natalie Deck, Kobe Lucas, Sam Hitz, Maggie True); and Topper and Bess (Jonathan Self and Zoryana Tsyupak).

The townspeople and carolers follow: Megan Achor, Miles Ademi, Betsy Clingman, Philip Clingman, Richard Davis, Josh DeMien, Ashlyn Dempster, Jacky Diaz-Romero, Egan Ellis (second-grade student), Audrey Grider (second-grade student), Dylan Holsclaw, Emily Johnson, Elisa Labra, Preastyn Latta, Tess Lilly, Grace Marocco, Dani McAuliffe, Savannah Miller, Gabriel Nicoll, Grayson Owens, Roselyn Rider, Brian Rodriguez, Deidra Roth, Jimmy Smith, Taylor Snider and Abby Stewart.

The student staff is led by Emma Nolan (student director), Konnor Buschman and Katie Priest (stage managers), Grace Dodson and Maya Garringer (lights), Hunter Bick and Zoey Downey (sound), Emalee Galyen and Faith Osborne (make-up).

The following students are on set construction and stage crew: Cody Allen, Hunter Bick, Keira Buschman, Konnor Buschman, Zach Canarsky, ShyLynn Chavez, Kyra Cory, Cooper Cote, Dugan Danford, Grace Dodson, Zoey Downey, Horacio Flores, Ella Galvin, Maya Garringer, Macy Green, Berlyn Guminski, Derrica Jones, Patzy Juarez Franco, Joe Klopfenstein, Joe Manahan, Chris Morales,, Madi Moseley, Emma Nolan, Jordan Owens, Mauricio Pino Montes de Oca, Katie Priest, Jonathon Rans, Kailey Sanders, Jillian Schroeder, Rudy Serna, Tyler Street and Caterina Tinti.

The adult staff includes Susan Willbanks (director), Bob Willbanks (technical director), Jennie Peters, Barb Fielding, Sandy Janes and Heather Williams (costumes), Dee Williams (hair stylist), Leah Padlo (make-up and production logo), Christy Buschman and Wendy Wade (scenic painting), Jess Horlacher, Rob Schroeder and Mandy Street (tickets), Dave Kelly (publicity), Bruce Lyons (programs), Barb Broedel and Shelby Seiltz (refreshments).

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