Seven wins were enough.

Twin Lakes’ swim program returned from the holiday break with a 99-84 victory against Delphi on Tuesday. The Indians won seven events, and a 13-point sweep of the diving competition was a large part of its buffer.

“I knew for sure there was one good butterflier (Delphi’s Michael O’Neill), and he lived up to expectations. It was a nice meet to come back to, compared to if it was against Rensselaer or a bigger team,” junior Hunter Bick said. “It told me that we expected them to be a lot harder than many people thought they were, but it wasn’t bad.”

The girls won every event in rolling to a 135-46 victory.

“I liked the work ethic the guys had and the competition Delphi brought,” senior Cody Trahin said. “I liked how we worked as a team and didn’t get on each other for the simple little mistakes.”

Trahin and Bick were each separate legs of the 200-yard medley relay that won, and Bick was a leg of the 400 freestyle relay and won the 200 individual medley in 2 minutes, 21.33 seconds.

Matthew Anderson won the 100 backstroke (1:13.53) and Aiden Totten won the 50 (23.62) and 100 (54.67) freestyle races. He won by 4.2 and 3.2 seconds, respectively.

Anderson won by six seconds.

“We had a lot of personal bests (for the boys), which is surprising coming off the break,” head coach Kerry Vogel said. “I knew their boys team was going to be a good team to face. They gave us a good fight, and I thought our guys did a good job to pull that out. I was pleased about that.”

Twin Lakes’ divers all scored more than 145 points — Jaylen Roush took the win with 163.45, followed by Ethan Morgan (155.55) and Carson Kelley (145.7).

The Indians girls divers went 1-2-3 as well. Madi Finn (138.6) won, followed by Evvie Nicholas (116.55) and Karstin McCloskey (82.6). Twin Lakes swept all three relays — the 200 freestyle, 400 freestyle and 200 medley.

Seniors Danielle D’Andrea, Ayanna Thompson and McKenzie Vogel grabbed two wins apiece, and Mya Thompson garnered two victories. Each of them also added two relay wins to their dual resume.

“It was a really great win for the team coming back from break with limited practices,” Mya Thompson said. “There was good competition since Delphi is one of our rivals. Hopefully the amazing energy from that meet will carry over to (Thursday’s meet at Western).”

D’Andrea won the 500 freestyle and 100 butterfly. Vogel won the 50 and 100 freestyle races, while Ayanna (100 breaststroke and 200 freestyle) and Mya (100 backstroke and 200 IM) each won a 100 and 200 race.

“I like the effort when everyone put in. Christmas break training is very difficult and we’re all very tired, so it was good to see some people getting best times coming off that,” McKenzie Vogel said. “Christmas break training is supposed to be so intense that we’re supposed to be so tired. But the fact they went through that and still had some good times may means we’re all working pretty hard.”