Tri-County’s Johnetta Whitemire defends during a 67-37 Senior Night victory against Attica on Tuesday in Wolcott.

Tri-County Athletic Director Jeff LeBeau has announced new guidelines for Cavaliers’ home athletic contests.

“Wednesday afternoon, Tri-County was notified that White County was moving to level-red (health protocols),” he said. “With this information the athletic department has updated their event protocols. These protocols will take affect immediately.

“We appreciate your cooperation in following the new protocols. If you have any questions about the new protocols please contact the athletic office at 219-279-2047.”

During the level red protocols, Tri-County’s athletic contests will be open to just immediate family at all events, which include parents and siblings. Band members, cheerleaders and students are not allowed to be spectators at this time, nor are extended family.

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