DELPHI — Tri-County’s varsity girls basketball team traveled to Delphi (10-12) on Tuesday in what was their second bout with the Oracles in nearly three weeks.

Whitmire leads in points and rebounds

Photos by Clay Maxfield

Johnetta Whitmire led Tri-County over Delphi on Tuesday with 17 points and 10 rebounds.

While their first go around ended with unfavorable results, the Cavaliers utilized a zone defense that forced the Oracles out of the paint while also imposing their size on the glass as they defeated Delphi, 61-41.

TC Coach

Missi Tyler and the Tri-County Cavaliers have gone on to win five of their last six since placing fourth in the Indiana Kitchen Classic.

Cherring from the sidelines

Tri-County moved to 11-10 on Tuesday night with a 61-41 vicotry over Delphi.

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