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4-H Enrollment opens October 1st! Be sure to stay tuned for more information!

Let’s take a look at a couple more county 4-H projects! The Creative Writing and Music projects are small projects in White County, but have a lot of room to grow! The Creative Writing project provides a way for youth to express themselves in several different ways! For each level, there are three options for Creative Writing, which include poetry, prose (a story, autobiography, biography, essay, or journal entry), and children’s story (story written specifically for young children including illustrations). The most important part of this project is to be creative! Creative in the way you develop your subject into a poem or story, the way you express yourself, and proper grammatical use of words. Pretty much any idea can be used for this project, the possibilities are endless!

The Music project provides 4-H members with an opportunity to learn music performance, theory, history, instruments, and appreciation, which will develop each individual’s musical ability. Members can exhibit a poster or perform a piece (at least two minutes, but no longer than five). If you’re involved with music at school, or maybe take piano lessons after school, then this project is for you! Instrumental performances can be accompanied by a piano, and vocal pieces may have instrumental or CD accompaniment. Both the Creative Writing and Music projects allow 4-H members to get creative and step outside of their comfort zone. These projects offer a way for youth to explore their capabilities in a safe manner. For more information, refer to the White County 4-H Handbook.