Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

My mother, Karen Hickman, attended Monticello High School in the early 1950s. She is now 84 years old and was, among other accomplishments, homecoming queen.

My grandfather, Virgil Hickman, owned a plumbing and heating business in Monticello and served the area honorably. My grandmother taught elementary school for many years in Monticello.

I can say, from speaking with my mother, that she abhors the Dumpster fire of Trumpism and warned of its danger signs early.

Speaking for her deceased parents, she told me, “Your grandparents would never have signed on to this dangerous nonsense.”

Indiana Congressman Jim Baird signed on to challenge the Arizona electoral vote results EVEN AFTER THE CAPITAL WAS ATTACKED.

His initial support was anti-democratic and reckless; the late-hour vote to continue supporting it was insurrection.

Shame on Congressman Jim Baird.

My Monticello values flow as deep as the Tippecanoe River. Monticello residents don’t sign on to such things and have served this country honorably in the fight against fascism in World War II.

Baird does not represent the deep Indiana values that have defined my life and made me proud, and defined the character of my family.

Indianans always do the right thing, even though it may be difficult. Political expediency and opportunity are never a substitute for character.

This is more serious than “shame” for Jim Baird. He should resign.

Scott Partridge, Carmel, Calif.

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