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MONTICELLO — Moving ahead with the construction of the new White County Recycling Center required the Board of Commissioners to release the funds totaling $107,000 from the landfill accounts. Two weeks ago, the board confirmed Delv Design was still interested in the project after COVID-19 put a delay on everything in 2020; the monies set aside for the project in 2020 have now been released to begin spending on the designated project. County attorney George Loy explained all of the paperwork was in order, and the commissioners approved the release from landfill funds.

Since deactivating the old White County Highway Garage and ordering new equipment, Highway Superintendent Mike Kyburz asked the commissioners permission to sell a couple surplus items to other counties. “When I ordered some of our new equipment I didn’t feel it was a good enough trade-in value on the pneumatic roller or the chip spreader,” Kyburz added. “I checked if there was interest from other counties.” Blackford County is buying the 2015 chip spreader and Kosciusko County is buying the pneumatic roller, bringing $135,000 back into the budget.

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