MONTICELLO — The Twin Lakes High School theater and music departments are preparing for their upcoming spring musical, “Hello, Dolly!”

“Hello, Dolly!” is one of the most popular and enduring musicals in the history of Broadway.

Based on “The Matchmaker” by Thornton Wilder, “Hello, Dolly!” centers around the romantic and comic exploits of Dolly Gallagher Levi (Destiny Murray) — a larger than life “matchmaker” who arranges everything from marriages to dance lessons to short distance hauling.

After years of widowhood, Dolly has decided she is ready to make a match for herself with Horace Vandergelder (Jameson Rans), a curmudgeonly widower who owns a feed store in Yonkers.

But first, she must convince Horace to allow his perpetually crying niece, Ermengarde (Kellyn Harrison) to marry her beau, Ambrose Kemper (Iain Garbison).

Then there are Vandergelder’s clerks, Cornelius Hackl (Blaine Lilly) and Barnaby Tucker (Ryan Denton), who yearn to see the world beyond Yonkers.

Dolly arranges for them to meet Irene Molloy (Amanda Kirchner), who owns a hat shop in the city, and her assistant, Minnie Fay (Tessa Weisbecker-Lotz). Of course, it only takes a moment for the two couples to fall in love.

Now it should be Dolly’s turn, but can she persuade Horace to quit looking for a woman to manage his home and do his chores — and instead look for a wife with whom to share his love and his life?

“Hello, Dolly!” is filled with memorable songs and lively dances, including “Put on Your Sunday Clothes,” “It Takes a Woman,” “I Put My Hand in Here,” “Dancing,” “Elegance,” “Before the Parade Passes By,” “It Only Takes a Moment,” and, of course, “Hello, Dolly!”

Other featured members of the cast include Ernestina Money (Amelia Ford), Rudolph Reisenweber (Ashton Yount), Stanley (Anthony Diaz-Romero), and the Judge (Christian Davis).

The rest of the ensemble is as follows: Miles Ademi, Emily Alma, Brianna Bohling, Maggie Clemons, Betsy Clingman, Grace Criswell, Richard Davis, Zoey Downey, Grace Fry, Rhiley Funk, Sam Hitz, Dylan Holsclaw, Tomie Ibarra, Emily Johnson, Ethan Koebcke, Elisa Labra, Preastyn Latta, Tess Lilly, Kobe Lucas, MaKinzie Marx, Savannah Miller, Emmalyn Rardon, Roselyn Rider, Chloie Roth, Taylor Snider, Abby Stewart, Caterina Tinti, Maggie True, Zoryana Tsyupak, Megan VanCleve, Kimmie Wade, Lia Weisbecker-Lotz, Ashlyn Wells, and Molly Wiley.

Student crew leaders are Konnor Buschman and Katie Priest (stage managers), Emma Nolan (student director), Joe Manahan (assistant student director), Hunter Bick and Cooper Cote (sound), Cody Allen, Grace Dodson, Ella Galvin, Maya Garringer, and Kailey Sanders (lights), Faith Osborne and Emalee Galyen (make-up).

The set construction and stage crew includes Cody Allen, Hunter Bick, Hunter Baughman, Keira Buschman, Konnor Buschman, Zach Canarsky, ShyLynn Chavez, Cooper Cote, Alex Cruz, Dugan Danford, Grace Dodson, Horacio Flores, Ella Galvin, Iain Garbison, Maya Garringer, Joe Klopfenstein, Joe Manahan, Chris Morales, Emma Nolan, Grayson Owens, Mauricio Pino Montes de Oca, Katie Priest, Jonathon Rans, Kailey Sanders, Jillian Schroeder, Rudy Serna and Tyler Street.

The orchestra features these musicians: Matthew Anderson, Kevin Aragon, Philip Clingman, Salvador De Leon, Jacky Diaz, Sam Giron, Macy Green, Brandon Howard, Brenna Hunt, Dani McAuliffe, Abby Milligan, Adamaris Rodriguez, Deidra Roth, Michael Shipp, Ben Tolley and Erin Williams.

The make-up crew includes Saydee Brown, Grisel Castillo, Dani Duff, Ashlynn Fields, Rhiley Funk, Emalee Galyen,Emily Johnson, Camille Leigh, Kamrin Morgan, Destiny Murray, Faith Osborne, Kyrstin Roberts, Abby Stewart and Molly Wiley.

Adult staff is as follows: Susan Willbanks (director); Bob Willbanks (technical director); Jon Lilly, Wendy Wade and Christy Buschman (assistants to the technical director); Joey Boyer (orchestra director); Rick Russell and Erin Ellis (vocal music); Robert Schroeder (auditorium manager and accompanist); Karson Quarles (choreography); Jennie Peters, Barb Fielding, Sandy Janes, Jona Lilly, Rosemary Litke, Holly Nolan, Rosetta Rider, and Heather Williams (costumes); Leah Padlo (production logo and make-up), Dee Williams (hair stylist), Jess Horlacher, Mandy Steet, and Michael Blagg (tickets), Bruce Lyons (programs), Barb Broedel and Shelby Seiltz (refreshments), Will Ellis (ushers), and Dave Kelly (publicity).

“Hello, Dolly!” is produced in association with Tams-Witmark Music Library Inc. Michael Stewart wrote the script with music and lyrics by Jerry Herman. Gower Champion directed and choreographed the original production, which was produced for the Broadway stage by David Merrick and Champion-Five Inc.

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