Masks on buses

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Twin Lakes School Corporation says students who either refuse to wear a mask or wear them improperly are subjected to disciplinary action.

MONTICELLO — Some student bus riders in the Twin Lakes school district are allegedly refusing to wear masks or are not wearing them properly while on a bus.

According to a letter sent to parents from Debbie Metzger, interim superintendent of Twin Lakes School Corporation, refusing to wear a mask on the bus is listed as a “major offense” to bus discipline guidelines.

The letter states face masks are mandatory for the first nine weeks of the school year.

“After the nine weeks, we will re-evaluate the (COVID-19) situation and determine our next step with regard to mandatory mask wearing,” Metzger’s letter states.

The letter included a list of minor and major offenses. Refusing to wear a mask tops the list in major offenses.

A first offense will result in a five-day suspension and a written warning contact by the bus driver. A second offense will result in a 10-day bus suspension and a third offense will result in a loss of bus privileges for the remainder of the academic year.

“It is extremely important that students wear a mask while riding the bus,” Metzger states in the letter. “Buses are the one area where social distancing is the most difficult. If student [sic] choose not to wear a mask, he/she will no longer have the privilege of riding a bus. … Our number one priority is keeping our students, bus drivers, and other staff members safe.”

The letter reminds parents that students in kindergarten through second grade are not required to wear a mask, “but we highly encourage them to do so.”