SFLEEC fish rrestocking grant

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Pictured are Karen McLean, left, of NIPSCO, and Gabrielle Haygood, of SFLECC.

MONTICELLO — The Shafer and Freeman Lakes Environmental Conservation Corporation received a $40,000 grant from NIPSCO’s parent company, NiSource Inc., to restock fish Lakes Freeman and Shafer.

Due to environmental concerns created by lowered lake levels in Lake Freeman, SFLECC pursued options to sustain the fish populations that may have been deprived of important spawning areas.

SFLECC applied for a $40,000 grant through the NiSource Charitable Foundation that will allow the group to build up fish populations in both Lake Freeman and Lake Shafer.

“We received the wonderful news that we had been awarded $40,000, which

will allow us to accomplish our goal. We are truly grateful that NIPSCO has made it possible,” said Gabrielle Haygood, SFLECC’s executive director.

She said SFLECC is dedicated to supporting the lakes’ biodiversity through fish stocking and creating habitat in the lakes.

“We are currently working with a DNR fisheries biologist to establish where and what types of fish are best for our lakes,” Haygood said. “The biologist can help determine the types of fish are needed for a more environmentally balanced body of water that can self-maintain weed and insect problems.”

Karen McLean, NIPSCO public affairs and economic development manager, said NIPSCO is committed to being good neighbors with the White and Carroll counties, as well as SFLECC.

“We are excited to provide funding to reestablish the natural fish habitats in the lakes that provide such an economic impact,” she said.

This grant will support the lakes for sport fishing, as well as provide better fishing for local homeowners and community.

Haygood said both lakes attract fishing tournaments and are a vital contribution to local tourism and economy.

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