Vandalism photos

The photo on the left, provided by the Remington Police Department, shows the vandalism inside the men's restroom at Remington Community Park. The photo on the right, courtesy of a social media post, shows damage that occurred earlier this month at the Remington IGA store.

REMINGTON – Police are investigating a rash of vandalism incidents that have taken place around town during the past month.

Remington police believe the latest incident occurred May 27 when they discovered the community park bathrooms were destroyed.

According to a post on the Remington Police Department’s social media page, “The damage was significant in the restrooms.” A photo posted on the page shows several large and small pieces of porcelain, from what were two urinals, strewn across the floor in the men’s restroom.

Police believe the vandalism occurred after the completion of ballgames at the park, which closes to the public at 10 p.m. Town Marshal John Schuetzenhofer said the closing time will be strictly enforced due to the recent vandalism.

“We appreciate the help and tips in reference to our recent vandalism cases,” he said. “With the tips received and video footage from both cases, we are close to having charges filed.”

Schuetzenhofer said the suspects from park vandalism are juveniles, so no further information could be provided. He thanked volunteers and workers who helped with the cleanup efforts. The restrooms have since been repaired and are working again.

The other vandalism incident occurred in mid-May when the IGA store in Remington was vandalized. No other information was available and a person who answered the phone at the IGA store declined comment to the Herald Journal. A photo posted to social media shows several plants knocked off of shelves in a greenhouse, accompanied by a written statement: “This is what I walked into this morning! The greenhouse and store were vandalized last night, if you have any info please let the police know. This will be a long morning trying to go through inventory!”

Schuetzenhofer said, “We still ask that if you see something, please say something.”

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